BurlyCon 2017 Registrants

Want to know if your friends, idols, admirers, and long distance crushes are attending BurlyCon?  Well, we regularly (and by regularly, we mean a volunteer really tries to update this list monthly, but is not perfect) list the attendees right here!

Last Updated 1/31/2017

Alice de Winter
Amelia ala Mode
Anita Johnson
Annie Cherry
Annie Position
Arielle ala Mode
Babes Flaming
BadKitty Kent
Batty Brulee
Billie Beloved
Bonnie Dunn
Bunny Pistol
Burgandy Kate
Cate Hysteria
Caza Blanca
CeCe Quinns
Centime Bijou
Chairmyn Meow
Cheery Blossom
Cherie Sweetbottom
Cherry Pan Tease
Chi Chi Buxuom
Ciamera le Tuere
Connor MacLoad
Crimson Darling
D’Licious Vixen
Damian Blake
Danny Cavalier
Deanna Danger
Deanna Danger
Dee Flowered
DeeDee Queen
Delilah Danger
Di Abolical
Dimples Devereaux
Diva Darling
Diva Fandango
Dolce Dream
Dolly Mama
Don Spiro
Don Spiro
Electra Mourning
Emeraude LaStarr
Eva Vivacia
Evangeline Cain
Fancy Fanny
Fancy Fontina
Faye Havoc
Felina Distemper
Fianna Flowerchild
Flora La Fenice
Freda Gerlz
Frenchie Toast
Gemma Je T’aime
Gigi Chaton
GiGi Holliday
Ginger Sassafras
Ginger Snatch
Ginny Julep
Gordita Maricona
Hazel Madras
Heady Boleyn
Heart O. Harkness
Hedy Harper
Honey BeHave
Honey Maybe
Hot Naughty TBD
Hunny Bee
Indiana’s Jewels 
Indigo Phoenix
Invina Veritas
InVina Veritas
Ivana Mandalay
Ivy La Fleur
Jack Starkness
Jackline Daniels
Jacqueline Boxx
Jezebel Vandersnatch
Juniper Rose
Kara-Sheen Inferno
Kat Wondergloom
Kissy LaMay
Kitsune Kami
Kitty la Royall
Kristina Weena
Lacy Knickers
Lady Malavendra
Lexy Lemondrop
Lily Star
Lizzy Tush
Lolal LeSoleil
LoLo Ramone
Luscious Curves
Luz de la Concha
Maggie McMuffin
Mammy Doug
Mary Strawberry
May B. Naughty
MeMe Butters
Mimica Tokyo
Minnie DeLight
Minnie Moderne
Miranda Katt
Miss Bell
Miss Frankie Eleanor
Misty Wilde
Miyoshi Von Doom
Miz Melancholy
Moscato Extatique
Ms Coco Creme
Ms. Classified
Nixie Nefarious
Nyp Leigh
Onyx Asili
Ophelia Zayna Hart
Pearl E. Gates
Penny Weisss
Perlita Picante
Persephone Pomme
Persephone Pon Farr
Petite Cherie
Pocket Venus
Poppy Rouge
Pria Puss
Rainie Dae
Ramona Candles
RAND the vampire
Red Velvet
Rhonda Boute
Ri Ri SynCyr
Riveting Rosey
Robyn Swing
Rogue Bombshell
Romeo Bedwell
Rosey La Rouge
Ruby Rounds
Ruby Slickeur
Ruby Spitfire
Sapphire Desire
Sassy Stiletto
Scarlett Coupe
Scarlett Letter
Scarlett Scandal
Scotch Rose
Sincera Bella
Siren Serenade
Smokey Brown
Sophie Maltease
Sophie Rose Bisou
Stevie Knickers
Sweetie Bird
Talloolah Love
Taryn Luce
Taylor Maiden
The Big Butowski
The English Muffin
The Full Bosomed Lark
The Marquis Facade
The Ultravixen
Tilda Titillation
Valarie Morgalis
Vera Esotera
Vida Ambrose
Vieux Carre
Viola Vainglory
Viva Valhalla
Viva! Grey
Vyxen VonWolfie
Whiskey Joy
Zadora Zaftig
Zora Phoenix