2017 BurlyBenefactors!

BurlyCon offers the ability to become a Burly-Benefactor

For $600 per year or $50 per month (recurring payments for 12 months for those who join by December 31st, 2017) these amazing people will support BurlyCon all year round and receive some fabulous items.

Click here for a one time $600 payment                                                             Monthly Payment option is closed.

“What do I get,” you ask? We can hardly wait to tell you. For $50 per month or $600 per year, you will receive:

  • Recurring automatic payment with option to renew annually
  • BurlyCon Weekend Pass
  • Dinner with the Board of Directors and Guests of Honor during BurlyCon
  • BurlyCon T shirt
  • Personalized thank you note from the BC Board of Directors
  • Quarterly newsletter from the Board about BurlyCon’s non-profit activities
  • Stage name listed on website as a BurlyCon Benefactor
  • “I am a BurlyCon Member!” sticker
  • Good feelings!
  • Open Enrollment begins on November 13th at 12pm and continues through December 31st at 5pm.
  • As a Burly-Benefactor, we will continue your membership through automatic renewal each month on your credit card for as long as you wish without interruption, unless you tell us in writing otherwise. We will simply charge your credit card $50 each and every month. Should terms or rates change, we will notify you in advance. If we cannot charge your credit card we will send you a bill for your dues.  There is no pre-warning for the payment, so please make note in your calendar.
  • To qualify for the Burly-Benefactor Benefits, all 12 payments must be in or $600 paid in full, up to date, and prior to 2 weeks before the annual convention.
  • BurlyCon cannot honor all dietary requests during the dinner, but we try to have a range of foods that everyone may eat.
  • Alcohol may not be included as a part of the dinner.

2016 BurlyBenefactors!

Dr. Kill Greedy

GiGi Holliday

Indiana’s Jewels

InVina Veritas

Jezebel Vandersnatch

Miss Frankie Eleanor

Moxie Easton

Scarlett Letter

Stell(R) Films