BurlyCon is delighted to have issued the offer letters for courses we wish to host at this year’s event.  Each year, the BurlyCon Programming team labors to choose between hundreds of proposals. We are delighted to, in our 9th year, host another full roster of an incredible variety of educational offerings.

In all situations when some things are selected and others are not, disappointment can arise. We realize this, and we are sympathetic to the feelings of disappointment. We are also humbled and honored by the importance the community has placed on the opportunity to present at BurlyCon. We appreciate the trust and love the community feels for BurlyCon!

BurlyCon wishes all presenters to know that:

  • BurlyCon reserves the right to select any course or topic that aligns to its mission, overall programming, and relevant community needs based on its capacity and resources. If BurlyCon chooses not to take up a topic at all, or in the exact way proposed by a presenter, that does not in any way mean that the topic isn’t important, worthy, or relevant.
  • The BurlyCon Programming Committee always has been and continues to be available for conversation with presenters who are concerned about their proposed courses not being accepted.  We recommend and invite presenters who have concerns continue dialogue with the Programming Committee.
  • BurlyCon does not condone or endorse anyone other than BurlyCon stating BurlyCon’s position on the selection process.

If you submitted a proposal this year and it was not selected we highly encourage you to resubmit next year! Check out this great blog post for inspiration on how to make your proposal shine!