Guests of Honor

This year marks BurlyCon’s 10 year anniversary and we are celebrating in a big way-bringing not one, but TWO Living Legends to Seattle! We are overjoyed to announce that BurlyCon X marks the return of our first ever Guest of Honor Toni Elling! But that’s not all. We’re pulling out all the stops and ushering in “The Venus of Dance” Dee Milo as well. That’s right- when you join us in November you’ll get to hear stories and learn tricks of the trade from two of the most accomplished burlesque stars the spotlight has ever seen. Every year BurlyCon brings a Living Legend of Burlesque to share their knowledge and story with the new generation of stripteasers, and in 2017 we’re doubling the fun with Dee Milo and Toni Elling!

In addition to Toni Elling and Dee Milo gracing our convention hall we are excited to have our invited guests: Ray Gunn, Bazuka Joe, Poison Ivory, Sweetpea, Willy Barrett, World Famous *BOB*, Lola Frost, and April O’Peel. These artists have become known the world over for their craft and this fall they’re bringing their expertise to you! You won’t find this much talent and experience teaching classes, lecturing on their trade, and offering invaluable help to other performers anywhere else.


Past Guests of Honor have included:

gina bon bon

Gina Bon Bon

Living Legend

Rachel Shteir

Burlesque Historian & Author

Bonnie Dunn

Neo-Burlesque Producer & Pioneer

Delilah Jones

Living Legend

Ronnie Magri

Neo Burlesque Pioneer and Music Historian

Wild Cherry

Living Legend

Lottie the Body

Living Legend

Dirty Martini

Performer and Actor
Bic Carrol

Bic Carrol

Living Legend
Princess Farhana

Princess Farhana

Bellydance and Burlesque Performer

Jen Gapay

Producer and Artistic Director

Ellion Ness

Living Legend

Julie Atlas Muz

Conceptual Performer

Miss Astrid aka Kate Valentine

Emcee, Producer, Performer and Director

Toni Elling

Living Legend

Scott Ewalt

Burlesque Collector, Boylesque Historian, and Legendary DJ at The Cock


Living Legend

Laura Herbert

Former Executive Director, Burlesque Hall of Fame

Dee Milo

Living Legend

Baby Doe

Producer and Founder, Tease-o-Rama