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Miss AuroraBoobRealis lights up the night stage with her unique mixture of raw and earthy, wild and fearless burlesque! She is a performing artist creating in the intersections of burlesque, dance, theater and poetry. Central to her existence is the fact that Aurora cannot and will not separate herself from her art, race, or political beliefs. She has a B.A. from Sarah Lawrence College and an M.F.A. in Interdisciplinary Arts from Goddard College with a focus on 20th Century Black Radical Artists and the intersections of dance, poetry, and theater.She is the co-founder of brASS: Brown RadicalAss Burlesque and back in 2007 she co-founded Brown Girls Burlesque. In 2018 brASS Burlesque’s reoccurring show in Brooklyn, Compost Bin: A RadicalASS Cabaret to Deal with the World, was featured in the New York Times! In 2019 Compost Bin was featured in Teen Vogue! Aurora has graced burlesque stages across the country from NYC to Seattle, Portland, Austin, Boston, Minneapolis, Richmond, Philly, D.C. and more!

Outside of the glitter life she is a teaching artist, fitness instructor, cultural activist and mother. Aurora first stepped on stage when she was five and never looked back. She has spent the last twenty plus years as a professional performer wowing and inspiring audiences world-wide sometimes clothed, sometimes not.