Guest Post: Jet Noir on Human Rights, Burlesque, and Sex Work

Written by Jet Noir Editor’s note: This article was originally posted on Jet Noir’s excellent blog, Jet Set Weekly. The post was written after Jet was inspired by a panel discussion on sex work and burlesque at BurlyCon 2014. The term sex worker once confused my literal mind. I understood it to mean someone that was paid for sexual encounters (be they virtual via phone/internet or actual). When I heard …

2015 Board Retreat Summary

by Kristina Nekyia, BurlyCon board member Somewhere deep in the desert, watched over by a towering, serene statue of Quan Yin, nine powerful women gathered to talk about the future of burlesque education. They talked about strategy, business, finances, and procedure. They talked about heart, community, sexuality, inclusion, art, and love. Out of this cauldron of ideas and passions, they began to form a plan… It sounds mythical, and it felt …

Programming’s Most Wanted: Our Class Submission Wishlist

If you’re thinking about submitting a class to teach at BurlyCon this year, there’s still time! Class submissions are due March 31st. Our Programming team has been hard at work making sure that BurlyCon 2015 will be the best con yet, but we’re still looking for a few good courses to round out the offerings in glamour, history, business, movement and panels that have come in so far.   Application Forms …

BurlyCon Releases Ultra-Fierce, First-Ever Music Video

It seems like only yesterday we were glittering up the hallways and rehearsal spaces of BurlyCon 2014, getting our sparkly art on. For anyone out there in Internet Land who’s experiencing BurlyCon withdrawal, we invite you to relive a bit of the magic by checking out our very first music video!

This little slice of burlesque education features a flock of gorgeous ecdysiasts cutting a rug to Beyonce’s “Girls,” while conference attendees watch and cheer. Participants in the video had only three short sessions to learn and polish the choreography before they performed for their peers on Sunday, the closing day of BurlyCon.

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BurlyCon 2012 Sets World Record for Largest Fan Dance!

On November 2, 2012, BurlyCon made history! We successfully set a Guinness World Record for “Largest Fan Dance.” 252 dancers, clad in traditional burlesque costume, held 504 fans as they simultaneously performed a fan dance to Beethoven’s “Fifth Symphony” for five minutes. The dancers met the Guinness requirements for setting a record on the first attempt! Just for good measure (and further evidence), the dancers then completed a second successful attempt. The package of evidence (data, witness statement, photos, and videos) went to Guinness for official confirmation. We kept our fingers crossed as we awaited Guinness’s decision. Our patience and hard work paid off! BurlyCon heard back from Guinness: We’d set the world record!guinness