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Giving Tuesday
Since 2012, "Giving Tuesday" takes place on the first Tuesday after Thanksgiving and has helped to amplify year-end fundraising efforts for nonprofits and charitable causes....
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An Open Letter to the Community II
I wanted to take the time to chat about BurlyCon and our work transitioning as an Anti-racist and Anti-Oppressive organization. It’s important to me that...
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BurlyCon is Burlesque Arts Education!

BurlyCon’s annual burlesque educational convention provides opportunities for education, professional growth, and in-person social networking for the burlesque community. Our aim is to further the current development and historical knowledge of this unique American art form, especially in light of burlesque’s resurgence worldwide. Activities are focused on the behind-the-scenes components of burlesque arts: building skills, deepening knowledge, and growing as a community.

BurlyCon’s Mission Statement:

“BurlyCon is a community-oriented professional growth and educational organization for burlesque performers, fans, and aficionados. We conduct educational events to preserve, promote, and advance burlesque as a theatrical art form. We offer classes, workshops, panels, and other educational offerings that further professional skill and development. We are committed to supporting personal transformation through creative artistic expression in the burlesque arts.”

BurlyCon’s Values:

“We value burlesque as a feminist, humanist, and unique American performance art form that has global influence and expression. We are committed to supporting the growth, health, and multicultural diversity of the international burlesque community. We seek to ensure affordability and accessibility of continuing education in our art form.”

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