Welcome to BurlyCon 2015!!

BurlyCon is Burlesque Arts Education!

BurlyCon, November 12-15, 2015,  is an annual burlesque social and educational convention held every fall in the Seattle area. As the educational arm of the burlesque arts circuit, BurlyCon provides a unique opportunity to learn, practice, network, and thrive in a supportive (and fun!) community environment. There’s simply no other single event where attendees can access such multifaceted teaching talent to explore the practice and the theory of burlesque.

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BurlyCon 2012 succeeds in world record attempt for LARGEST FAN DANCE!

On November 2, 2012, BurlyCon made history! We successfully set a Guinness World Record for “Largest Fan Dance.” 252 dancers, clad in traditional burlesque costume, held 504 fans as they simultaneously performed a fan dance to Beethoven’s “Fifth Symphony” for five minutes. The dancers met the Guinness requirements for setting a record on the first attempt! Just for good measure (and further evidence), the dancers then completed a second successful attempt. The package of evidence (data, witness statement, photos, and videos) went to Guinness for official confirmation. We kept our fingers crossed as we awaited Guinness’s decision. Our patience and hard work paid off! BurlyCon heard back from Guinness: We’d set the world record!


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