By Vixen Valentine

I had the privilege of not only attending but also performing at the Munich Burlesque Festival which was an exciting opportunity at seeing a variety of burlesque performers from around Europe, Canada and the US. The four shows of the festival were spread over three days starting with the newcomer’s showcase on Thursday night, featuring up and coming burlesque performers from Munich while Friday was a burlesque comedy show that combined seasoned local performers with ensemble acts and Saturday held two showcases full of international performers.

One of my highlights as an audience member was watching the Friday night show because it allowed me to have a sneak peek into what I might find at a burlesque show in Munich and what I saw was inspiring. So I’ve compiled a quick list of what I learned at the show:

Dixie Dynamite | Photographer: Martin Dürr -

Routines Were Longer

When was the last time you saw a routine last 7, 8, 9, 10 minutes? These performers got on stage and stayed there for more than one song! I found that it helped me build a better relationship with the performer because they didn’t appear on stage and suddenly vanish after a few minutes never to return again until curtain call! Instead they took their time teasing out of their clothes!

They Incorporated Other Skills Into Their Performance

Whether it was the Charleston or belly dance these performers developed complex routines that combined a variety of skills that they wove together to present their striptease. They each masterfully gave their skills time to breathe before they began peeling off the layers and made seamless transitions into the different sections of the routine.

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