Invited Presenter Spotlight: Miss Poison Ivory

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Invited Presenter Spotlight: Miss Poison Ivory

This year marks BurlyCon’s 10 year anniversary and we are celebrating in a big way, with incredible changes to our format and schedule! Every year BurlyCon invites a handful of select members of the burlesque community to share their knowledge, our Invited Presenters. Today in this year’s Invited Presenter spotlights is Miss Exotic World- Reigning Queen of Burlesque at the 2016 Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekender, Poison Ivory! From her debut in her home base of New York, Poison has blended her background in theater and dance to tease and please international crowds. Miss Poison Ivory will be bringing a focus to sensuality and power in the classroom at this year’s BurlyCon, so don’t miss out on an audience with the queen.

We can hardly wait to get in the classroom and soak in a little history and knowledge, we hope to see you there. Secure YOUR registration today to join us for the world’s largest educational burlesque convention and spend some time with our 2017 Invited Presenter, Miss Poison Ivory!

Invited Presenter Spotlight: April O’Peel

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Invited Presenter Spotlight: April O’Peel

This year marks BurlyCon’s 10 year anniversary and we are celebrating in a big way, with incredible changes to our format and schedule! Every year BurlyCon invites a handful of select members of the burlesque community to share their knowledge, our Invited Presenters. The first of this year’s Invited Presenter spotlights is April O’Peel! This multiple award winning Vancouver burlesque star is a powerhouse on and off the stage.  As a key member of The Screaming Chicken Theatrical Society April has taught burlesque classes, performed, and held office with the board of directors for almost a decade. From crafting showcases to delighting crowds internationally, April brings a mix of the old and new.

We can hardly wait to get in the classroom and soak in a little history and knowledge, we hope to see you there. Secure YOUR registration today to join us for the world’s largest educational burlesque convention and spend some time with our 2017 Invited Presenter, April O’Peel!

photo: Diana Buckland

Guest of Honor, 2017 BurlyCon Legend

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Guest of Honor, 2017 BurlyCon Legend

This year marks BurlyCon’s 10 year anniversary and we are celebrating in a big way, and this year’s Guest of Honor is a big part of that! We are overjoyed to announce that the #BurlyConX Legend marks the return of our first ever Guest of Honor, Toni Elling! That’s right, when you join us in November, you will get to spend a bit of your convention with The Satin Doll herself. Every year BurlyCon brings a Living Legend of Burlesque to share their knowledge and story with the new generation of stripteasers, and in 2017 Toni returns to help us celebrate in style.

From her start in the 1950’s, Toni refused to play to the American Savage Fantasy, instead touring the world with her signature Parade, Pose, and Peel glamour. From Detroit to Tokyo, she broke barriers and delighted crowds, and we are ecstatic to have her return for our 10 year celebration.

We can hardly wait to get in the classroom and soak in a little history and knowledge, we hope to see you there. Secure YOUR registration today to join us for the world’s largest educational burlesque convention and spend some time with our 2017 Guest of Honor, Living Legend Toni Elling.

Our Invited Guests for BurlyCon X!

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BurlyCon is incredibly excited to announce our Invited Presenters for BurlyCon X bringing a whole new kind of BurlyCon to you in 2017! Join us November 9-12 for four days of burlesque education and community building, classes from international award winning instructors and industry powerhouses.

We are thrilled to announce your BurlyCon 2017 Invited Presenters:
April O’Peel
Bazuka Joe
Lola Frost
Miss Poison Ivory
Ray Gunn
Joe Williams-Willy Barrett,
and World Famous B*O*B

Stay tuned for more on each of your Invited Presenters, the announcement of this year’s Legend of Honor, and the entire list of BurlyCon 2017 instructors still to come! And get yourself registered to join us this November for the only educational burlesque convention in America.

BurlyCon and Seattle Boylesque

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BurlyCon and Seattle Boylesque

The 3rd Annual Seattle Boylesque Festival is proud to present a BurlyCon Benefit at their Saturday night 10pm show. This late show will help BurlyConX be the biggest educational burlesque bash yet! Buy your tickets for the entire event HERE.

With more than 30 performers from Japan, New York, LA, Seattle, Portland, Las Vegas and Canada, this year’s two-day extravaganza promises to be the sexiest weekend of 2017.

The festival kicks off Friday, April 21st with a Gender Fucked theme hosted by Seattle’s own Ernie Von  Schmaltz. The gender-bending festivities feature over a dozen national and international performers that will get your motor started for a full weekend of Boylesque! Starring: Waxie Moon (Seattle), Tito Bonito (LA), Mod Carousel (Seattle), Isaiah Esquire (Portland), Johnny Nuriel (Portland), Paris Original (Seattle), EmpeRoar! Fabulous (Seattle), UmA Shadow (Yokohama), Al Lykia (Seattle),  Suwasit (Las Vegas), Howard Van Zandt (Edmonton), Moscato Extatique (Seattle), Hank E. Panky (Kansas City), Sugar Dish (Massachusetts), Namii (Seattle) & Kristie Champagne (Seattle)!

Saturday’s eleganza is hosted by the legendary Mexican Elvis impersonator, El Vez, and features top boylesque performers from across the globe.  The late show benefits Burlycon, the only not-for-profit professional growth and educational convention for burlesque performers, producers, fans, and aficionados!  Starring; Izohnny  (Portland), Tito Bonito  (LA), The Evil Hate Monkey (NY), Waxie Moon (Seattle), Devon Aire (NYC), Mod Carousel (Seattle), Uma Shadow  (Yokohama), Sudbury Burlesque (Ontario),  Luminous Pariah (Seattle),  Beau Creep  (Edmonton), Falcon Ay (Seattle),  Trojan Original (Seattle), Ernie Von Schmaltz (Seattle), Matt Knife (NY) Jesus la Pinga (Seattle), and  Bolt Action (Seattle)!

Get your tickets today!

International Burlesque Artists on Women’s Day

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International Burlesque Artists on Women’s Day

“Women in the Changing World of Work: Planet 50-50 by 2030” is the theme for the 2017 International Women’s Day (IWD) which falls on March 8th. While the first National Woman’s Day was observed in the United States on February 28 in honor of the “1908 garment workers’ strike in New York, where women protested against working conditions” the first International Women’s Day was observed in 1911.
The UN marks it as a “a time to reflect on progress made, to call for change and to celebrate acts of courage and determination by ordinary women who have played an extraordinary role in the history of their countries and communities.” The theme each year changes and reflects different gender issues that are considered on a global scale.
The theme for this year addresses accelerating the progress towards equality. As the dynamics of the working environment change recognizing the need to ensure women’s economic empowerment as important to the overall empowerment, freedom, and autonomy of women around the world has taken center stage.
Despite the fact that the first National Woman’s Day was celebrated in the US, today the occasion is marked with little or no fanfare. Is this true in other countries? How is International Women’s Day regarded in other places? In this article we’ve collected stories from burlesque performers in Europe and Canada who have written in about their experiences with International Women’s Day and/or how it is viewed in their countries. The responses received were varied and I’ve included every email that landed in my inbox on the topic.
Most of the performers who responded speak English as a second language and asked that any grammatical mistakes in their stories be corrected. Instead, their stories have been left intact with only adjustments being made to spelling errors.


  “I’m very happy to represent my own story about the International Women’s Day celebration in Belarus and Germany. I’m originally Belarusian girl, living since 7 years in Germany. People from those countries celebrating Woman’s Day totally different. And me, I’ve got my own way to celebrate this day.

In Belarus: Honestly, 8 March widely celebrated only in Russian-speaking countries. In the Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, International Women’s Day has an official status and is considered to be a day off. On
this day it’s all about to please women, to give them flowers and gifts, cook for them and so on. It’s very important to congratulate mothers and grandmothers. Mimosa flower is one traditional present for woman on this day.

In Germany: In this country, 8 March is not a day off. Most of Germans don’t even know about 8th of March. In Germany they celebrate Mother’s Day in May. So in May mother getting flowers and present and about to be free from the homework and household.

Me as Belarusian immigrant in Germany: Well me, I don’t forget this day! I congratulate my mom, my Russian girlfriends and go to celebrate this day with them. So there are few different activities we do: Brunch, Spa, Shopping… We drink sparkle wine all day long (Starting from breakfast) and having fun with each other.” – Elena La Gatta, Belarus

“On the “women’s day” in Italy, women are used to hangout together in the evening. Sometimes is about a dinner and disco. Sometimes is a dinner + striptease show. Sometimes it is just a dinner… as you can see Italians like to eat 😉 Depending on the age the options to spend a night out can be different, but the aim is all the same: hangout with some friends, so you will see little crowds of women all over the town spending that night together.
In Italy you will also notice that on that day everyone will sell or buy “Mimosa” flower. It is a big tradition, so it can happen to receive mimosa also at work from colleagues or even the boss. You will see flower shops full of mimosas and also people next to the traffic lights selling mimosas to the drivers ( this is really useful for those men who didn’t remember or didn’t have time to buy in a shop!).
A lot of people in Italy now do not remember the real aim of this festivity and it is more about business unfortunately. In 1944 women into the politics in Italy created the UDI, Unione Donne in Italia, and they decided to create this celebration in the 8 March 1945, the very first women’s day in those areas of Italy who were already free . When the Second World War was finally over in 1946, the 8 March was a festivity in the whole Country.” –Freaky Candy, Italy

“Canada followed the United Nation’s lead and chose March 8 as International Women’s Day. It’s a day to recognize women’s achievements & acknowledge the challenges they continue to face in the quest for gender equality.

From the gender bias pricing in the marketplace, to women not being given equal pay for the same work men do, as well women being seen as lower class citizens in parts of the world; we are still fighting for gender equality here and abroad, many are the same struggles that women have been fighting for, for ages.

Other countries celebrate I.W.D. as another version of Mother’s Day through gestures like offering flowers & small presents to women in their life. Some countries the day is an opportunity to organize big celebrations like women marches, concert performances, festivals, fun runs & awards.
In Canada, the bigger cities such as Calgary, Toronto & Vancouver, organize small conventions wherein diverse communities are initiated. You can learn about I.W.D. events happening in your city through internationalwomensday.com. There are also online conversations about I.W.D. where peers through Facebook can talk & share articles about and in relation to women’s equality, opinions & quotes to spread awareness of I.W.D. #EqualityMatters, on Twitter, is one of the many social media campaigns out there one can look into. Let’s keep the dialogue going.” – Pocket Venus, Vancouver, BC, Canada

“The women whom I love & admire for their strength & grace did not get that way because shit worked out. They got that way because shit went wrong & they handled it. They handled it in a thousand different ways on a thousand different days, but they handled it. Those women are my superheroes” ~Elizabeth Gilbert

“I think Women’s day in Slovakia is not as much celebrated as in other countries. In the past, the characteristic element of the celebration were speeches by officials and then handing out flowers. Every woman received a clove pink and sweets. This model also survived until today, but in the current Slovak society is regarded as a kind of a relic of communism. Although, men are trying to not forget and have flowers for their ladies 🙂
My grandpa never forget about it and always has the favorite kind of a sweet and a rose for every woman in our family. For me, this day is more than just flowers. This day was established on the basis of its historical importance in the fight for women’s rights, this day should balance the previous periods, points out that there are still countries where women do not even have basic rights and propose solutions on improving women’s status.” Catrice Cat, Slovakia

‘Here in Belgium, there’s not a big march or ralliment to celebrate the Women’s Day. But this is mentioned on (the) medias and they vaguely make the point on what is still different between the men and the women. I read that the the theme for 2017 will be about jobs:« Objectif 50-50 for 2030 ».
Of course, some feminist group or Women association does march or movement (I had a flyers a few years ago but I think it was really downtown Brussels).’ – Mortimer Moonbender, Belgium


“In Scotland there isn’t much awareness of International Women’s Day but it is growing! There are some small events and 1 or 2 larger events but the general population doesn’t know much about it. We’ve had some pretty incredible women in Scotland going back to the days before Flora MacDonald was around, I use her as a reference because “Outlander” is pretty huge all over the world now, there was women like Lady Christina Bruce who was Robert the Bruce’s sister and played a vital, yet not as well recorded, role in the Scottish wars of Independence, in fact many women took up defending castles and protecting people when there husbands, fathers and brothers had all been captured. Right now, agree with her or not, our First Minster is a women and she’s an absolute powerhouse! Scottish women by nature are all pretty strong women, I have no doubt that over the coming years the celebrations will grow as women like myself choose to celebrate!” – Roxy Stardust, Scotland

“The first International Women’s Day in Switzerland was celebrated in 1911. On this day women protested for equal rights and the right for women to vote.
Today almost nobody remembers this holiday in Switzerland: Only non-profit organisations (like UNIA) and trade unions still care. This year they will protest on the streets under the title ‘We Can’t Keep Quiet‘ and fight for the end of sexual harassment & violence against women, social safety, fair wages, compatibility of work & family just as self-determination.
I will not be walking the streets because for me, every day is Women’s Day and I fight for our rights whenever I have to. I don’t need a certain date to remember that we should all support each other. Just think about why you are here today, why you are allowed to wear what you want, to work and to live your sexuality : Thanks to a whole bunch of ‘female warriors’ who fought everyday!
So Ladies let’s show gratitude every darn day of our lives! We are free! Wishing all of my fellow ladies a beautiful 8th of March and hope you can continue to fight, celebrate and stay who you are WITH each other. Don’t let anyone put you down, you are worth so much more!” –Suzanna Tease, Switzerland


BurlyCon is proud to celebrate this day with women from all over the world and we cannot wait to celebrate the strength and diversity of women in person in November. Thank you Vixen Valentine for writing this article for us and thank you to everyone that contributed. How will you be celebrating? Let us know on our social media accounts and share your photos including the tag #BurlyConX!

Festival Updates!

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Mark your calendars, we have several festivals with application deadlines coming up! Get all the latest Burlesque Festival news over at burlesquefests.com


Golden Legends Challenge
Colorado Springs, CO
Festival Dates: August 11-13
Application Deadline: March 1


Ohio Burlesque Festival
Cleveland, OH
Festival Dates: August 3-5
Application Deadline: March 15


Slavic Burlesque Festival
Minsk Mazowiecki, Poland
Festival Dates: June 16 – 17
Application Deadline: March 19


Heavy Rebel Weekender
Winston-Salem, NC
Festival Dates: June 30 – July 2
Application Deadline: March 31


Deanna Danger Brings BurlyCon Home

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Deanna Danger Brings BurlyCon Home

We want to give a shout out to Deanna Danger for inspiring us! Every year we open scholarships so more performers, regardless of finances, have the chance to learn at our convention in Seattle. But the lovely Miss Danger has taken it upon herself to create her own BurlyCon Scholarship for her students at her studio in Richmond, Virgina. Performers attending class at Boom Boom Basics have the chance to receive a scholarship assisting them in making it to BurlyCon!

When we asked Deanna why helping her students get to BurlyCon was so important she had this to say:

“The first time I attended BurlyCon, I knew within the first few classes that it was going to change my life. The quality and breadth of education and educators is unparalleled, and as the only strictly educational & social burlesque convention out there, the amount of perspective and growth it brings to its attendees extends far beyond the burlesque journey. As a studio owner, I don’t feel right about not attending every year that I’m blessed to be able. That’s why I created the Boom Boom Basics BurlyCon Scholarship, we are a small community with very limited resources, and BurlyCon can serve a more encompassing burlesque education much better than we can. I wanted to help make BurlyCon more accessible to students with the drive and fire to work on their burlesque, and personal selves, who may not have ever otherwise had the ability to make it there on their own. Even just one year of BurlyCon can make a marked difference on a developing performer, and helping to get at least one person there a year is the least I could do in return for the art form (and this con) that has helped save me time and time again. <3”

We’re so glad we can continue to bring exceptional educational opportunities to the burlesque community, but we couldn’t do it alone. Thank you to Deanna Danger for motivating us to create a community where everyone can grow in their love of burlesque. If you’re a studio owner wanting to create a similar initiative send us a message!

And if you’re not attending class at Deanna’s studio you can still apply for a scholarship over here.


Burlesque Scholarships- Interview with Singe

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Burlesque Scholarships- Interview with Singe

Financial Assistance and Scholarship applications to attend BurlyCon November 9-12 2017 officially
open February 1, 2017. To help us kick off the application process we were able to catch up with Singe, the
2016 Scholarship Winner to find out how attending BurlyCon helped her and any advice she can give to those
of you working through the application process!

Your Performer Name: ​Singe
Which City are you based out of:​ Bloomington, Indiana.
 Singe and her smores- ready for the camp fire!
Congratulations on being awarded a BurlyCon Scholarship to attend the convention! It must have been a delightful surprise to receive the notification! On February 1st, BurlyCon will open scholarship applications to attend the 2017 convention and having gone through and being awarded the scholarship yourself, can you reflect back on to the process of submitting the application? Did you find the application simple, overly challenging, a mix of the two?
I almost didn’t submit an application, because I figured there was no way that I’d win it. I mean
really, who’s going to pick Singe from Bloomington, fly-over-Indiana of all places? Yeah I have
hardships, but other people have it harder than I do. But I realized, while it would be disappointing, it
wouldn’t be the worst thing not to win. I would at least have put myself out there, reached outside my
comfort zone & tried. The worst thing would be to accept defeat, by not even bother trying. So I bit the
proverbial bullet and decided that the only way I’d know for sure, would be to give it a shot.
I was nervous that the application would be a nightmare to fill out, but I didn’t find it hard at all! It
was well thought out, asked important & introspective questions, and made me truly question what my
genuine intentions were for wanting to attend BurlyCon.
It was more than just getting to be around shiny things & sparkly people, it was a true desire to
gain more knowledge & experience. To better myself as a performer & as a human being, and to bring
back what I learned to help in my own community here in Bloomington.
Was this your first time attending BurlyCon?
It was! I have been wanting to attend BurlyCon for YEARS, but have never been able to afford
it. But because of the scholarship, I was finally able to get there!
I admit when I got to BurlyCon, I was a little over whelmed. I felt that especially because I had
won a scholarship & that it was my first (and perhaps only) time there, I HAD to do ALL the classes,
lectures, & workshops that I possibly could. I felt that I would be some kind of failure if I didn’t “go! go!
go!” from sun up to sun down. But I realized it wasn’t about doing everything I could, it was about
making the most out of my time at BurlyCon. So I took a step back, cut myself some slack, drank
everything in, and once I found my groove, was able to really enjoy myself & get the most out of my
scholarship by just being myself.
How did you benefit from attending BurlyCon?
I gained so much insight, advice, & knowledge that I have been able to apply in shows as a Stage Madam,
Producer, and MC. It’s been great for my self confidence as a Burlesquer. There have been many times throughout my Burlesque career that I have felt looked down on, or as if I’m someone lesser because my niche is Stage Management, Production or Hosting, rather than stripping. That was absolutely not the case at BurlyCon. Everyone was equal, no matter where their niche lay. Being able to talk to & take classes from people who are known & praised for their skills as MCs and Stage Managers was very inspiring to me. I made some fantastic connections with people from all over the world. It was wonderful to see so many different people from so many different places come together to support & raise each other up, rather than to be catty or tear each other apart.

 Singe in the annual group photo. The theme for 2016 was ‘Camp’!
Knowing what you know now would you apply again?
Yes, yes, a thousand times YES without any question!
What was the highlight of your BurlyCon experience?
I don’t think I can pick just one highlight out of my experience at burlycon. I had the BEST
roommates in Dainty Dandredge & Sailor St. Claire. We all kept leaving snacks out for each other, and
kept in touch as we went our separate ways through the con. Having such thoughtful & considerate
people to room with made BurlyCon that much better!
The classes that stood out & were the most impactful to me the most, were Armitage Shanks’
MCing class (that has helped me SO much as a Host), Jacqueline Boxx’s class on performing with
physical limitations & Jo Boobs Weldon’s class on glove peeling. The glove peeling class was on the
last day of the con, so it felt very intimate & small despite there being probably over 40 people in the
class. Being able to interact & learn with her was mind blowing & very special.
Lastly, it was wonderful & heartwarming getting to connect with & form bonds with people from
Indiana who had either moved out of state, or who I had only known peripherally. There is a part of the
closing ceremonies where we wrote little notes about what we want from our community & then they
get passed around the room. The note I opened ended up being written by one of my fellow Indiana
Burlesquers, and Indigo Blue tapped me on the shoulder to read it out loud to the entire room. That
was such a moving moment for me, that it brought me to tears.
Anything else that you would like to add?
BurlyCon is an amazing experience, it is INCREDIBLY humbling & gives you a very unique
perspective. It really gives you an up close & personal insight into Burlesque and into our sparkle
community. It is so beautiful to see so many different people coming together to learn & build one
another up. No competition, no rivalries, no politics, or jealousy. Just Burlesquers celebrating
So… Put yourself out there & try. That’s all you can do! : )
Now go forth & be the burlesquer you want to see in this world.


Thank you Singe for being apart of the BurlyCon experience. We can’t wait to see you this year!
Interview by Vixen Valentine

Burlesque Festival News

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Burlesque Festival News

Happy January 2017! For those of you who put ‘apply to more festivals’ on your New Year’s Resolutions list we’ve rounded up festival applications that are currently open and accepting applications! 

POLAND​: Applications are open for the Slavic Burlesque Festival until March 19th. The Festival will take place
June 16/17 in Poland, Minsk Mazowiecki (50km from Warsaw).
Write to: slavicburlesquefest@wp.pl to request an application.

BERLIN​: Applications are open for Berlin Burlesque Week (May 22-28) until January 31st.

HOUSTON: Bayou City Burlesque & Circus Arts Festival is accepting applications until January 31st. Their festival
is April 22nd in Houston, TX

KANSAS CITY​: Kansas City Burlesque Festival applications are open until February 3rd. The festival is May 4-6th
in Kansas City.

BORDEAUX, FRANCE​: Applications for the 1st Bordeaux Burlesque Festival are open until February 5th. The
festival is May 20-21st in Bordeaux, France.

OKLAHOMA CITY​: Oklahoma City Burlesque Festival are open until February 5th. The festival is June 16-17th in
Oklahoma City.

OHIO​: Ohio Burlesque Festival Submissions open until March 15th. The Festival takes place August 3-5 in
Cleveland, OH

BERLIN​: Berlin Burlesque Festival Applications are open until March 31st. The festival is November 2-5 in Berlin,

For a full list of festivals check out our interactive map: http://burlesquefests.com/

And if applying and traveling to festivals seems intimidating start small by attending BurlyCon! Tickets are still just $150 until the end of the month. You’ll be able to network with folks from all over the country while learning valuable tips at our educational panels and workshops. It’s the perfect way to dip your toe in the glitter pool before embarking on a big burlesque adventure!