We love our BurlyCon 2016 Members!

BurlyCon thrives because of the contributions of the burlesque community! With the help of your membership payments BurlyCon has been able to upgrade some equipment, have more snack options available in hospitality, and increase awareness of Burlesque. THANK YOU ALL!

Annie Cherry

photo by Heather Schofner Photography
photo by Heather Schofner Photography

Aphrodite Rose
Aphrodite Rose
Apollo Vidra
Arabella Allure
Arcadia Kane
Baby Doe
Bettina May
Bianca Coal
Centime Bijou
Coco Lectric
Cortigiana Onesta
Dee Lushious
Dixie Schmack
Dolce Dream
Don Spiro
Dustin Wax
Electra Mourning
Emeraude LaStarr
Faye Havoc
Felina Mistemper
Fit & Bendy
Fosse JackKRISTINA_OPHELIA_POC_Burlycon 2014-23
Gemma Lee
Horchata Dentana
Indigo Blue
Jo DeMagic-O
John “little slave”
Julie Hall
Just Ducky
Kay Sera
Laydee Bravado
Lola LeSoleil
Loxie Arcane
Madame Rosebud
Mandy Flame
Miranda Katt
Miss Mina Murray
Miss Violet DeVille
Mo Jangles

Texan bombshell Coco Lectric
Texan bombshell Coco Lectric

Nikolina North
Nyp Leigh / Velvet Revolution
Ophelia Flame
Purple Devil Productions
Red Delicious
Red Herring
Red Velvet
Rock Candy Burlesque
Sandy Beaches
Sassy Stiletto
Sherry Bomb
Steele Starling
Stripped Screw Burlesque
Sweetie Bird
Taryn Luce
The Red Flags
Thirsty Girl Productions
Veloce Von Perla
Velvet Jones
Vera Lea Blythe
Violette Coquette
Vivienne DeVour